The Steps Involved During A Latisse Treatment in Maui

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Skin care

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A person’s eye lashes are a significant part of their overall appearance and help to make their eyes more visible by providing a dark colored edging around the eye. As people age, their eyelashes may start to fall out, and they are one of the few hairs that do not grow back. Fake eyelashes are an option, but often require lots of time to apply and do not provide the natural look that many people want to achieve. A latisse treatment in Maui will help by rejuvenating the hair follicles in the eye lids to promote healthy and natural growth.

Initial Evaluation

Latisse puts the power of hormones to work to help activate hair follicles and encourage hair growth. Because of how it works, many doctors will conduct an initial patient exam to ensure that a person is healthy enough to begin treatment. Individuals who have been diagnosed with certain blood disorders and hormone imbalances may undergo extensive blood work to prevent the onset of harmful side effects.

Treatment Period

A Latisse Treatment in Maui is not invasive and requires the patient to apply a gel liquid over their eye lid twice a day. While most people see results in as little as a few weeks, most treatments run for 6 to 8 to ensure the best possible results and hair that will last and not fall out again. It is important to abide by all directions, as over or under use can prevent a person from getting the long-term effects they desire.

Final Results

Once the treatment period has ended, the physician will inspect the eyes to ensure the hair follicles look healthy. They will also examine the eye for the presence of infection or irritation, which are the most common side effects associated with the treatment. Once the final exam is complete, the person can get back to life and enjoy their new eye lashes with confidence.

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