The right garage door is the key to your homes curb appeal


When you consider that the garage door on a typical home can easily take twenty percent of the total width of the house, it stands to reason that having the right one is very important.

Types of garage doors:

Garage doors in Los Angeles are readily available in four types; hinged to swing out, swing up, sliding to one side or both and roll up. Swing out carriage doors are beautiful doors but these doors need a flat run up to the opening, perhaps the most popular garage door is a sectional roll-up.


The style of the garage door is very important as it will want to suit the style of the home. If you are fortunate enough to own a 1930s Craftsman style bungalow nothing would look better than swing out doors that were popular during this period. If you are limited and swing out doors are not a practical option there are modern design roll-up doors that mimic the looks complete with inoperable but impressive faux hinges and handles.

The majority of garage doors in Los Angeles feature panels. Garage doors using traditional frame and panel construction are quite strong and far sturdier than doors where the detail is only fastened to the surface. Many attractive garage doors feature glass panels, these panels not only let natural light into the garage; they are very attractive as well.

Popular materials:

The most popular garage door materials are wood and steel. Wood of course has an unbeatable charm and because of the manufacturing techniques used, can easily be made to suit any size opening. The cost of wood doors varies considerably based on the choice of wood. Frame and panel doors made from high cost woods such as mahogany will certainly cost more than those made from less expensive soft woods such as pine.

Steel is a great choice; it is a reasonably priced material that is extremely tough and hard to damage. When it comes to choosing steel doors it is best to purchase doors made from heavier 24 gauge material rather than the less expensive but less durable 28 gauge steel used by some manufacturers.

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