The Result of Concrete Polishing Floors

The Result of Concrete Polishing Floors

Concrete flooring is not often selected for residential or commercial buildings, but it has several advantages over other flooring types. It is durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean. The concrete, once it dries, it naturally protected from water and stains. It is also beautiful and versatile.


This flooring material can be stained as it is mixed or can be stained once it is poured. Mixing the stain into the concrete will result in an overall hue that is subtle and soft in appearance. Concrete is porous until it dries, so staining prior to drying will penetrate the surface for a bold and vibrant color.

Custom decorative work can also be added to concrete. A pattern, a central design, different colors, and a scrolled edge are a few examples of what can be added. Some businesses have their logos embedded into the concrete surface. The look is stunning either inside or outside on a patio or driveway.

Other Treatments for the Surface

Concrete Polishing produces a glossy shine to the surface that really highlights the beauty of the flooring. This technique is becoming popular in homes and on showroom floors. The process cannot begin until at least twenty-eight days after the floor has been poured. More time may be needed depending on the climate and moisture level in the building.

The process of Concrete Polishing is a complicated one that takes a long time if done properly. Special machinery is passed over the flooring to grind the surface. This is completed at least six times and up to twelve over the entire floor. There are different types of polishing, so consult the flooring company before deciding on one. Owners can visit Aestheticflooring.com for details on the polishing process of concrete floors.


Concrete flooring has many benefits, but there are a few drawbacks that should be considered. The obvious one is that the flooring will be hard. Items dropped on it will break and falls will hurt. This can be countered by using area rugs. Be sure the rugs are secured to the floor or have a non-slip backing on them to avoid more falls.

Concrete holds in the heat and the cold, which is wonderful for energy-efficiency. It is not so wonderful when walking on it with bare feet. Using hallway and bathroom rugs is wise. You can connect with them on Google+ for more updates!

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