The Qualities of Inspirational American Motivational Speakers

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Business

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Some of the world’s greatest and most influential people have been American motivational speakers. People like the late Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King Jr. inspired and motivated millions of people with their words and the way they delivered them. Think of it. Steve Jobs was able to get millions of people to buy his products, and perhaps more importantly, his customers were fiercely loyal to the brand.

The most successful business people are those who can motivate their people to achieve lofty goals and to take action. These people have certain qualities in common.

Mastery of the Subject

The best speakers have mastery over the subject. They have practiced what they preach. To inspire people to be happy, to love their job, to be motivated; the speaker must be all those things as well. Although the theory is good, the experience is better.

Keep the Message Simple

It is extremely important that the message is delivered in such a way that everyone understands it. The simpler the message, the simpler the language, the easier it is for people to grasp it.


Before delivering the message, the best motivational speakers find out what people want and, with this knowledge, help them to achieve their goals. Empathy with others is a sure way to make a connection and bond.


The best speakers are, in their own way, entertainers. When people laugh and enjoy themselves, it is easier to get the message across. People learn best when they enjoy the experience. Motivational speakers are there to motivate, not to bore their audience.


Anyone that wishes to succeed must be passionate. People need to believe in the message they are delivering. Two different people can say the same words. One person has an impact. The other person is simply ignored; impact is a by-product of passion.

The best American motivational speaker knows that knowledge equates to results, results that can change the lives of their audience.

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