The Principles of Pump Maintenance in Millstone, NJ


Your well consists of a few components. Unlike the old days when you had to lower a bucket into a well to get water, wells now pump water up to you. The well is drilled deep into the ground to find a suitable aquifer. Then the pump is installed near the bottom of the well. At that point, it is connected to pipes that come into your house so that the water is pumped from the well into your home. You need to maintain the lining of the well, the pipes, and the pump. Pump maintenance consists mainly of keeping an eye out for signs of problems and calling a specialist when you see it.

Dirty Water

If the water coming through your pipes suddenly seems like it is dirtier than it used to be, you need to call a specialist in pump maintenance in Millstone, NJ. That specialist will be able to determine why it seems like sediment has made its way into your water supply. That sediment is not only a danger to your health; it will also be a danger to your pump.

You should visit our website to see what kinds of pump services are available. Keeping your pump in good shape is absolutely essential to providing clean water to your house.

Water Pressure

The water pressure is another sign that you might need pump maintenance. The pump not only provides the water from the well to your house, it also provides the pressure. If the water pressure drops off suddenly, it could be a sign that something has gone wrong with your pump. If it’s no longer supplying water at the right intensity, it needs to be fixed. Low water pressure can indicate a problem; it’s also more difficult to sanitize the water if it does not pass through the filtration system at the proper pressure. You need to call a specialist as soon as you see pressure issues.

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