The Pitfalls of Do It Yourself Moving

The Pitfalls of Do It Yourself Moving

Is your home slowly getting too small? Maybe the kids have left and there is too much house to take care of these days. There are many good reasons to call professional movers in Raleigh yet some people still try to handle the job themselves. The main reason for moving yourself is to save money, but it can sometimes backfire and a host of problems can develop. Here are some of the things which can go wrong when you tackle this job on your own.

Damage to Belongings

Maybe Uncle Dave, your father, brother or some good friends have volunteered to help. How much training do these people have in moving materials? Chances are, they have moved a few times over the years and have very little knowledge on the subject.

When you or your helpers are moving furniture or electronics it’s very easy to damage these things. Not only that, if someone drops a box of fragile items, it could be disastrous. Plus, it’s no fun sleeping on a ripped or torn mattress. If you hire the best movers Raleigh NC has to offer, this kind of problem does not occur, because your movers have years of experience.

Damage to the House

When large furniture or appliances are moved, dents and dings have a way of suddenly appearing on walls, trim and floors. If you are moving out of an apartment, this could cost you your security deposit.


There are so many ways one can become injured while moving. Let’s examine some of them:

* Lifting – picking up furniture and possessions is nothing like lifting weights in a gym. You are often placed in awkward position and this can result in poor body mechanics. This is a very good way to strain your back and you could end up missing a lot of work. In fact, if you get hurt, it might have been cheaper (and easier) to call professional movers Raleigh NC residents trust.

* Falls – when you travel up or downstairs with large items, falls are a real possibility. This can result in broken bones, muscle sprains and serious injuries like concussions.

* Traffic accidents – the longer the moving distance, the greater the chances you have for traffic accidents. Although they may be covered by insurance, auto accident injuries can be disabling and even fatal. It’s best to leave moving in the hands of seasoned professionals who move and drive for a living. In fact, your movers in Raleigh provide some very valuable services, and the money you spend can be a good investment.

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