The Most Common Causes That Require Professional Sewer Repair In Silverdale WA


A sanitary sewer system is designed to easily and safely dispose of waste water after it travels through the plumbing system in a home. When a problem arises, it can leave a household in turmoil and prevent a family from being able to use their toilets or sinks, and can even lead to backups that can cause a home to become filled with dangerous sewer gasses. Rather than attempting to fix the following issues on their own, many homeowners choose to hire a professional for Sewer Repair in Silverdale WA to ensure the repairs are completed correctly.

Clogged Pipes

A pipe doesn’t clog easily, but when it does, it can leave a toilet or sink unusable. Many individuals think that a commercially available drain cleaning product can help, but most are not effective and can cause damage to the plastic plumbing parts of a home. A professional will have the tools to disassemble the drain and determine the cause of the issue so they can assess the best way to remove the clog and ensure a clear sewer pipe.

Sewage Backups

A sewage backup can be terrifying, and the sewer gasses that are present can cause health hazards and be a safety issue if not addressed promptly. A company that provides Sewer Repair in Silverdale WA will be able to pinpoint the cause of the backup and remove any tree roots or clogs that have formed in the main sewer line. This can free up the clog and allow the sewage to drain from the home and not backup inside.

Leaking Water Lines

When a main water line leaks, it will usually go undetected until the homeowner gets their water bill. If the bill is astronomically higher than normal, it is important to call a plumber, as they can use water detection equipment to find the exact location of the leak and expose the pipe so the issue can be easily viewed. They can then repair the pipe and stop the leak, which will help reduce water waste and prevent a high water bill.

Don’t let plumbing issues go unchecked, as they could become worse with time. Be sure to contact Herdman Plumbing at the first sign of trouble and let one of their licensed plumbers address the issue. It will ensure a home is safe and that any plumbing fixtures work properly.

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