The Many Reasons to Get a Neck Lift


Many individuals overlook the area of their neck when it comes to considering different types of plastic surgery. However, this is a part of the body that can truly indicate one’s age, making it wise to consider a Neck Lift. Those who are unsure if this procedure is needed should think about the following points. These will help to determine if the surgery is necessary.

Horizontal Lines

Over time, the skin around the neck begins to fold in, creating horizontal lines that are impossible to get rid of without surgery. This is especially severe for those who spend a lot of time looking down throughout their life, whether it is because an individual works on a computer or uses his or her cell phone frequently. The more one ages, the deeper the lines get. A Neck Lift is the perfect cure to the lines and gives a fresher, younger look to the individual.

No Definition in Jaw

Having definition in one’s jaw and chin can completely alter the way the face is proportioned. Individuals who have undefined features in this area should consider this type of surgery. Many times, the lack of definition is a result of the face, but a lot of the time it is from the neck. If that is the case, it may be time to contact a professional to discuss surgery.

Individuals With Double Chins

When there is excess fat, it tends to make its way underneath the chin. This gives individuals the appearance of a double chin, which can make one very unhappy with his or her physical appearance. This issue alone can completely alter the way one looks and also has the ability to make one look older. This procedure is a simple and effective way to treat this problem and get rid of it for good.

Those With Gobbler Necks

Gobbler necks are a result of excess skin that has made its way to the neck. This typically comes with age, causing the skin to become very loose and hang under the chin. This issue can be fixed easily with this surgery.

There are many professionals in the industry who can successfully perform this neck surgery and alter the way one looks. Contact David K. Hiranaka M.D. D.M.D. or visit his Facebook for more information.

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