The Low Pressure Transducer – Uses, Types and Features


As the name implies, a pressure transducer measures the amount of pressure in a particular application. The low pressure transducer is the most sensitive to pressure changes and is therefore able to measure very low levels of pressure.

Common Uses
Different types of transducers are used for particular applications and customized the low pressure transducer can even be created for special circumstances. Transducers come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the common uses for low pressure transducers are to measure static dust pressure and HVAC controls. They are also commonly used in the medical field for things like spirometers and nebulizers.

Varying Types
There are many types of pressure transducers, depending on the necessary application. For example, an absolute pressure sensor (or transducer) measures the amount of pressure that is present compared to a perfect vacuum (also known as a vacuum pressure sensor) while a gauge pressure sensor measures it relative to the atmospheric pressure. Another common type measures differential pressure or the difference between two amounts of pressure. These are typically used to measure pressure (liquid or gas) drops in filters, flow rates or fluid levels.

The low pressure transducer, in particular, is important because it is most often used in critical applications. That means that the results must be accurate 100% of the time. Slight pressure changes, if undetected, could derail an entire system or cause a piece of equipment to be improperly calibrated or built. These are drastic results caused by minor errors. The best way to avoid such mistakes is to purchase from a trusted company that only supplies quality products.

Features of a Quality Transducer
The most important characteristic of a transducer is its ability to measure accurately. If the transducer fails a single test, it cannot be used for any critical applications. Be sure the manufacturer is knowledgeable regarding the application of the transducer so they can recommend the product most suited for the task. If calibration is necessary, the calibration certificate should be supplied as well. A transducer made of quality materials and supplied by a reputable company with a warranty should offer stellar results every time it is used.

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