The Importance Of Top Quality Mulcher Bits In Forestry Operations

The Importance Of Top Quality Mulcher Bits In Forestry Operations

More and more residential, commercial and agricultural landowners are opting for environmentally friendly option to clearing small and large areas of land. For forestry, timber, or clearing companies having the right equipment, including the right mulcher bits, can make this an additional option to offer customers to increase marketability.

Clearing land using forestry mulchers and mowers is a cost-effective and quick option, plus there is no need to haul off the debris, leading to a lower price on the actual project. However, if the right mulcher bits aren’t used and they constantly have to be replaced it is going to run up the price of the job.

Additionally, while a lot of emphases is put on the power and ability of the mulcher attachment itself, it is really the ability of the mulcher bits to quickly and efficiently grind through small to medium sized timber that makes the difference. Poor quality bits, while saving some cost initially, may actually result in increased fuel consumption, more wear and tear on the equipment, and far less efficiency in the long run.

Brand Name or Compatible?

As with anything, buying brand name is often a more expensive option and may not provide all the features and advantages to using an alternative but compatible type of mulcher bits. In some ways, these aftermarket types of bits are designed to stand up to wear and tear and to hold their edge for longer use.

Since the compatible bit manufacturers have to run on the reputation of the bits on any compatible forestry mower or mulcher, top companies spend a lot of money and time in enhancing the design, manufacturing and even the materials used in the fabrication of the bits.

The results are often significant over branded mulcher bits. With these compatible bits, you may also find a greater range of options that are designed to provide different options for mulching or that are more effective on larger diameter trees and vegetation.

The Holders

A few companies offering compatible mulcher bits also sell a holder or an adapter device that bolts onto the existing system and accepts the compatible teeth. Different adapters, as can be expected, are designed to fit specific brands of mulchers for all of the major brands.

The compatible mulcher bits may even have additional options the originals do not have, such as the ability to be used in rotation or even reversible, providing additional life on each bit.

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