The Importance of Industrial Control Panel Manufacturers

The Importance of Industrial Control Panel Manufacturers

In a world of advanced technology, some things do not change. In fact, some control panels are still used to serve the same basic purpose they did 50 years ago. However, as time marches on so do the needs of industry and industrial control panel manufacturers are keeping up with the demands and providing important products to keep the wheels of business in motion. Let’s take a closer look at these panels and discover how they are made today.

It Starts with Design

Building a control panel is not extremely technical, but it does require the right kind of design and experienced engineers to create efficient and effective panels for industrial use today. The wiring must be routed in the most efficient ways and components installed so they utilize space properly. Also, the ability to maintain a stable ambient operating temperature is vital. This can sometimes be a difficult task because electricity is known for generating heat.

Wire ampacity is also a consideration. For example, wires too small in diameter may become hot and could be a fire hazard. On the other hand, wires too large may be stiff and difficult for the electrician to work with. Wire insulation is another important factor for industrial control panel manufacturers to consider, as is color coding.

Manufacturing Design

Today’s panels must be designed so they can easily be assembled, to save on labor costs. In addition, the right materials must also be used. For example, when weight is a consideration, aluminum may be used instead of steel and if the panels are going to be placed in a corrosive environment, other kinds of metals and materials may be required. If not, early product failure is a real possibility.

Putting it on Paper

Once the design is decided upon, it is put on paper. However, thanks to modern computer technology there are a number of drafting and design software applications available. This makes it possible to make three dimensional images and make changes to the design without the need to create all new drawings. Everything is stored digitally and can easily be accessed and printed out when needed.

Prototype and Production

After the design is completed, it can go to production. In order to be certain the plan will work right, a working model is produced as a prototype. This gives industrial control panel manufacturers the chance to examine and perform specific tests on the prototype. For example, the panel may be placed in a number of different environments or situations to see how it reacts. Once testing is done, production can proceed.

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