The Importance of a Primary Care Doctor in El Cajon

The Importance of a Primary Care Doctor in El Cajon

Everyone has heard of a primary care doctor, but not everyone understands the duties of this professional fully. You need this doctor’s help to promote the optimal health of your body and mind. You need this doctor to follow through with an annual physical and catch early signs of diseases. People of all ages and backgrounds have health problems they cannot handle on their own. These are just some of the reason why it is important to learn more about why you need a primary care doctor on your side.

What Is a Primary Care Doctor?

A primary care physician (PCP) is the first line of defense you have against disease and death. This physician addresses all of your concerns if you are becoming sick or suffer from preexisting medical conditions. He or she looks at your previous medical charts and figures out which tests you should take. This doctor uses the results of your physical exam or blood tests to make the right diagnosis.

Functions of a Primary Care Doctor

The main benefit of working with a primary care physician is proximity. You want a doctor’s office that is right around the corner in your neighborhood. The doctor must be easily accessible, friendly, and understanding of your needs.

The primary care doctor is the first medical professional you contact if you have a medical concern. This provider works as a gatekeeper to all other doctors. When you have a more serious issue that requires a specialist, the PCP gives you the number of the doctor you need to see. For instance, if the PCP sees abnormalities in your blood test, he may order you to see a specialist to complete additional tests. This doctor is your best and only line of defense for catching serious diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

The Affordability of the System

Proponents of the primary care system say it is affordable for everyone. Going for a simple visit to the PCP is cheap since most copays only cost a few dozen dollars. If you feel a pain that needs medical attention, as long as it is not an emergency, go to the doctor’s office. The hospital is a more expensive route that may require a longer wait time. Also, the hospital is more suited for emergencies and serious problems that require long-term hospitalizations. If you want to find out what is wrong with you, see a PCP. You will save the money of having to visit a costlier specialist.

The primary care physician treats everyone who cares about his or her health. An annual physical exam, blood test, and vaccination are a few of the services provided by a primary care doctor in El Cajon. All of these services could save your life by detecting diseases that are already growing or by preventing against new formations. Visit here for more details.

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