The Holistic Veterinary Hospital And Your Pet’s Health


Today, the world of veterinarian medicine is undergoing a change. While once conventional veterinarian care was the norm, today more veterinarians are learning the value of alternative medicine. You can now choose from three basic types:

1. The Conventional/Traditional Veterinarian Clinic

2. The Alternative Animal Hospital

3. The Holistic Veterinary Hospital

Of the three, arguably, the holistic veterinarian practice offers the most varied and even balanced approach.

The Holistic Philosophy

The philosophy behind holistic healing – of all animal forms – lies in the Eastern tradition of medicine. A classic example is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The philosophy of such approaches is holistic. In other words, it does not focus on one particular aspect of the physical or mental makeup. It does not concentrate on individual symptoms or health problems. Instead, it examines the entire animal. It looks at the physical, psychological and emotional aspects.

Holistic Healing

To achieve this goal, a veterinary hospital will provide options in both aspects of treatment. Their veterinarians will be highly skilled and trained in either one specific approach (conventional or alternative) or both. Vet clinics and their vets can and do provide their clinics with traditional examinations, surgery, and medications. They also can offer any of the following alternative healing methods:

Flower Essences – Uses only flower and herb essences

Herbology – A plant based approach – both ingested and applied externally

Homeopathy – Uses specific parts of plants in pill or liquid form

Energy Healing: Uses the power of the animal’s own “chi,” “ki” or “Qi,” (His/her Life Force)

Massage Therapy: This is available in a number of forms

Nutrition is another component of the approach.

Holistic Veterinary Hospital and Your Pet’s Health

Today, veterinarians follow different routes on the path to treating your pet. A holistic veterinary hospital is no longer the exception. It is now the norm in the ever-changing world of veterinarian medicine.

Are you looking for the right Veterinary Hospital to provide high-quality services for your pet? Do you want to compile conventional with traditional veterinarian medicine to produce a holistic approach? If so, you should consider Holistic Veterinary Healing. They offer the latest in alternative and modern methods. To discover more about their integrative and holistic veterinarian services, visit them online at http://www.holisticveterinaryhealing.com/. You can pay a visit to Facebook for latest news and updates!

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