The Five Most Important Pieces of Restaurant Equipment

The Five Most Important Pieces of Restaurant Equipment

Planning to open a new restaurant in NJ? If so, you’ll need the right equipment. Whether you’re planning a sandwich shop, a pizzeria, a noodle house, a seafood restaurant, or a burger joint, the right equipment helps ensure that you’re able to keep things running smoothly at all times. Of course, you should probably know more about the most important pieces of restaurant equipment.


No matter what type of restaurant or eatery you decide to open, you’re going to need a means to keep raw food cold and protected. It applies to meats, vegetables, many types of fruits, some types of kitchen supplies, desserts, and more. The thing with refrigeration is that you need to first purchase high-quality, reliable units, and then you need to invest in regular maintenance to ensure that they stay up and running at all times. It is also one of the most frequently-financed pieces of kitchen equipment.


While not all restaurants need them, fryers are vital for a wide range of eateries. Whether you’re dropping fries, making onion rings, or getting creative with deep-fried desserts, you need to have the right size and number of fryers on hand. Of course, fryers need other accessories to operate them safely, including exhaust hoods.


Making burgers? Have a hot Italian sandwich on your menu? Do you make pancakes or other breakfast foods? You’ll need a cooktop of some type. In most commercial kitchens, this means a griddle, as a single flat-top cook space can be used to cook everything from eggs to burger patties with the need to use a pan on a stove. Like your fryers, your griddle will probably need a vent hood over it.


Yes, dishes can be washed by hand. Many restaurants choose to stick with this method to save money during startup. However, remember that you’ll be paying someone an hourly wage to scrub pots and pans, so eventually it becomes more cost effective to have an actual dishwasher in place.


Last but not least is the oven. From biscuits to baked pasta dishes, ovens are essential for most restaurant kitchens. You’ll need at least one oven, but chances are good you will need multiple units to keep up with demand from your customers.
These are five of the most important pieces of restaurant equipment. Get in touch with Automatic Ice Maker Co. to learn more about how we can help your restaurant succeed.

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