The Essential Compressor Check Valve


Today, many industries require a compressor to help move fluids or air. It helps control the flow of material. Several compressors can fulfill this role, including an air compressor. An integral and very important component of such systems is the valves. There are, of course, discharge valves. The system also contains another type of valve. This is a compressor check valve.

Check Valves

Check valves are one component of different types of compressors. They are essential parts of air and gas compressors including the following types:

* Reciprocating piston compressors

* Rotary screw compressors

* Scroll compressors

Depending upon the model and size of the compressor, it may have more than one check valve. In fact, some have as many as five. The position, like the number, will also vary. For example, in reciprocating piston compressors, the check valves are in the following locations:

* Inside the piston head (2 or a pair)

* Between the air compressor and the compressed air receiver (1)

What Does an Air or Gas Compressor Check Valve Do?

Check valves let the air or gas in the system flow in one direction alone. They do not permit any air/gas that has left the compressor – moving on to such parts of the system as the air tank or piping, to return – preventing it from reentering the compressor. Check valves also aid in making sure the compressor keeps specific components pressurized and others de-pressurized. They perform this action in natural gas processing as well as the automotive, aviation and refrigeration industries.

The Compressor Check Valve

A check valve is part of various compressors, including air compressors. They prevent the flow of gases, air and/or fluids from flowing back into the compressor. This makes the compressor check valve a significant component of any compressor where it is necessary to prevent backflow of any type.

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