The Difference Between Ring Die and Flat Die Pellet Mills in Southern Idaho


There are a few features that distinguish different Pellet Mills in Southern Idaho that should be considered prior to making a purchase. All mills are classified into two main categories: ring die, and flat die. The article below takes a look at the difference between them so that farmers can purchase the equipment that will be most helpful.

Ring Die Pellet Mills

This design is used by a wide variety of feed factories across the world. It is designed to evenly mix materials and adjust the moisture level in order to ensure quality. Raw materials are distributed to a conditioning chamber, where rollers drive them into holes in the ring die in order to shape them into pellets. It also has cutters that cut the newly formed pellets into the right size as they are squeezed through.

This machine is very handy for making wood pellets, as the materials used are typically much lighter than grain and need to be pushed through into the chamber by force. It comes with a feeding device directly installed into the mill, which avoids the need for applying an external force. There is also no need for additives, and although the pellets come out fairly uniform, there is often some damage done by the cutters that can affect their final shape. As a result of using this system, however, it also uses a large amount of power in comparison to its alternative.

Flat Die Pellet Mills

The alternative is to use a flat die mill. Smaller in size than the ring die mills discussed above, and simpler in design, they require less power, making them popular for home use and smaller-scale operations. They feed materials into rollers via gravity, so only heavier grains can be pelletized using this system. With a comparatively low rotary speed, it also produces more consistent quality pellets. However, this design also requires more frequent, and more costly, repairs.

When it comes to pellet mills in Southern Idaho to be used for commercial scale operations, ring die mills are a clear choice. For home or small business use, the choice is more ambiguous and depends primarily on the size of the farmer’s budget. Check Out website to view some pellet mills available in the area.

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