The Difference Between Long Distance And International Moving Companies In Charlotte, NC

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Moving

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Moving out of the country will be a long distance move, but there is a difference between long distance movers and international moving companies. In Charlotte, NC you may find some moving companies that offer both types of moving services, but it is critical to verify the company actually has international moving experience.

If you are working with true international moving companies, they will have international offices and locations that are already established. These offices will be under their name or another name used by the company, and this information will be on their website for your review.

Some of the smaller companies offering international moves simply coordinate with another moving company in the destination country. This is not the same and often leaves your shipment in the hands of moving companies in a foreign country that are not vetted or checked by the Charlotte, NC-based movers. A simple check of the website and questions to the company can verify this issue.

Understanding Documentation

When using experienced international moving companies in Charlotte all required Customs forms, bills of lading and other required documents will be complete and signed as needed as part of the services provided.

This is an essential element to shipping overseas, as incorrect documentation can significantly delay the delivery of your household possessions. In some situations, it can possibility result in fines or storage fees which can be significant and will lead to a lot of frustration and needless stress during the relocation process.

Packing Support

When international moving companies pack your items for shipment, they will be carefully wrapped and protected. Remember, international shipments may be loaded and unloaded several times from different types of transportation including trucks, ships, planes or trains, so correct packing and wrapping is essential.

Companies that only ship internationally occasionally don’t have the trained packing crews to ensure you items are as protected as possible. Additionally, they may fail to understand the different packing requirements, which can lead to an increased risk of damaged items.

When you choose reputable and recognized international moving companies from Charlotte, NC, you will have the support, information and professional services you need. This can turn the very complex issues of moving to a new country into a pleasant experience, and one that ensures your household possessions arrive at your new residence in the same shape as when they left Charlotte.

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