The Cost Of Building A Garage

The Cost Of Building A Garage

Garage construction is no different from any large-scale building project; there are a tremendous number of factors that have an impact on the scope of the project and the cost. The size and style of the garage, as well as the materials used and the extra amenities that are provided, affect the price, but on average, a reasonable two-car garage of average size will cost about $25,000.

Attached or detached?

Because one wall exists, it is less expensive to build an attached garage. An attached garage can also take advantage of the existing driveway. Garage estimates in Indiana for detached garages are justifiably higher as the building must be constructed from the ground up. A detached garage is the more flexible of the two options. You can integrate any option that you want perhaps overhead storage or a workshop.

Garage size:

When it comes to bathroom or kitchen renovation, size rarely matters, this is not the case when you build a garage; size does matter. The bigger the footprint, the more material and labor are required. The number of vehicles it has to house dictates the garage size. The size is also dependant on storage space for garden furniture and bicycles, for example, perhaps a chest freezer, and an area for tools and equipment.


Accurate garage estimates in Indiana must take into account the material that will be used in construction. Adding windows, better roofing material, high-end siding, a top-of-the-line garage door and opener and a separate entrance for people all add costs. There is a variety of materials that can be used; this is a subject that must be discussed with the garage builder.

Garage estimates in Indiana can only be accurate if you specify in detail what you want. The time to decide is before you start building, not afterward.

Garage estimates in Indiana vary considerably based on the type of garage, the materials used and of course, the size. The most accurate estimates will come from experienced builders; contact the Garage Guys of Indiana, Inc. for details.

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