The Best Place for a Child to Get Dental Treatments in Austin TX


Most parents know that establishing a relationship with a dentist is important to their child’s lifelong oral health. However, there is sometimes confusion as to whether they should take their child to their own dentist or find a pediatric dentist for them. Each option has benefits for the family and the health of the child’s teeth.

General Dentist

A dental provider provides Dental Treatments Austin TX families have depended on for generations may have an extensive family history on file for their patients. This can be an advantage to parents if their child has any genetic dental conditions. This type of dentist may not focus on children but he or she might be more likely to detect problems if the parents had similar conditions.

Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists receive additional training that could help them identify and treat oral health problems specific to children. These professionals offer Dental Treatments Austin TX young patients might need from before the time they get their first tooth until they reach adulthood. Parents who had serious dental problems when they were children might choose a pediatric dentist so their child can get the focused care necessary to treat oral issues early.

Whether a child sees a general dentist or a pediatric dentist, they need regular oral health care. Most pediatric dentists will start seeing patients when they are very young. Some see babies as young as six months old. General dentists tend to start dental care later. They might not see a patient until they are at least two, or even three, years old. Once they begin dental care, children should see the dentist every six months. This gives them a chance to get comfortable with the office procedures so they won’t be so anxious if they ever need to have a procedure.

Practices like Tiny Texans Pediatric Dentistry are always willing to take new patients and will help parents do what’s best for their young childrens’ teeth. Prevention is key when it comes to dentistry and by keeping appointments for regular checkups and cleanings, children have a great chance of having healthy teeth for their entire lives.

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