The Benefits of Maintaining a No Chlorine Pool


Chlorine has been among the most widely used components in a variety of different cleaning agents for decades. However, people are just becoming aware of the negative health repercussions of this chemical today. Consumers and professionals alike have been making the public aware of these dangers. They have determined a range of water treatment methods for pool and spa operators to choose from in order to have a safe and healthy no chlorine pool.

The benefits of keeping a no chlorine pool are countless. In addition to being environmentally friendly, they are safe for people to swim in, and do not produce any of the chemical effects that chlorine does.

Stay Away from Saltwater Pools

There are many options available today for a safe no chlorine pool. Saltwater pools are one of these options, but not a recommended one. These pools are usually not any better than chlorine pools when considering the environment as well as a person’s health. A hidden secret about this type of pool is that chlorine is still used in them. Additionally they are very expensive to install and maintain.

The Best Kind of Chemical Free Pool

There are two very popular options for you to consider when looking for the best chlorine free pool. One system is the ozone treatment, and the other is the oxygen system. Both of these no chlorine pool systems are free of chemicals. They never use any form of chlorine in making their system work. The benefits of these pool systems are many. They are good for the environment as well as your skin. Unlike chlorine they do not trigger any negative effects on your respiratory system or increase your risk of certain cancers.

No chlorine pool systems do not use any chemicals to maintain sanitation. They are affordable, natural cleaning systems, and are much easier to maintain than chlorine pools. With chlorine pools you need to buy large amounts of chemicals to adequately sustain the proper pH levels in your water. These chlorine free systems use natural minerals which work to sustain safe levels of pH and keep your pool water clean with minimal effort on your part.

Feel Better Swimming in a No Chlorine Pool

Perhaps the best benefit of swimming in a pool that is chemical free is how good and refreshed you will feel after swimming in one. Chlorine is a harsh chemical which dries out your skin and hair and can even burn your eyes and leave them feeling itchy and dry. When you swim in a natural pool system, you will not feel any of these negative effects. Imagine swimming in a bottle of pure water. Once you have felt the refreshing feeling of swimming in a chlorine free pool, you will never go back to swimming in chlorinated water again.

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