The Benefits of Installing a Tin Ceiling in New Haven CT

The Benefits of Installing a Tin Ceiling in New Haven CT

When building a new home or installing a new ceiling in a pre-existing home, many people may wonder what type of ceiling they should choose. According to many construction industry experts, the answer is tin. Here are a few benefits of having a tin ceiling New Haven CT.

1. Tin ceilings add value to the home. This is because they have the reputation of being durable and long-lasting. They are also very elegant and pleasing to the eye.

2. Since they are made of metal, they actually strengthen the home. Tin is resistant to many of the enemies of plaster, including cracking, rot, and moisture.

3. While plaster ceilings are highly affected by moisture, tin is not damaged by water accumulation or by condensation. When plaster ceilings are used, they are subject to mold and mildew from water build-up that can result in expensive repair jobs or even complete reconstruction. This is not the case with a tin tin ceiling New Haven CT.

4. Once a tin ceiling is installed, the maintenance required is very minimal. All that really needs to be done is dusting or wiping away any surface dirt that may accumulate. They are even easier to clean than traditional plaster ceilings.

5. They can reduce premiums on home insurance being paid due to their incredible resistance to fire. The Fire Underwriters Association have tested some tin ceiling tiles at temperatures of up to 1400-degree heat with no harm being accrued.

6. Tin ceiling tiles can be stamped with virtually any design. Thus, they have an almost endless source of decorative possibilities. They are also available in many different colors and different thicknesses.

7. Tin is much lighter than plaster and therefore, is much easier to install. It can be installed in almost half the time as a plaster ceiling in many instances and can even be used to cover a currently installed plaster ceiling that is suffering from unsightly disrepair or damage.

Contact Abingdon Construction for more information on tin ceiling New Haven CT. A consultation and estimate can be scheduled and provided by experienced and well-regarded home construction experts. A reputable, licensed, and insured company is what is needed when doing any kind of home construction or remodeling job.

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