The Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training


High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a new form of cardio that focuses on efficiency. HIIT consists of a variety of cardio intensive exercises put together to make a highly intense workout session. The main goal of HITT is to maintain an elevated heart rate for a short period of time. This training can be intimidating to first timers, so it’s a good idea to look for high intensity classes in Chicago to learn the basics. HIIT can be very beneficial to those looking for a cardio intensive regime.

HIIT is all about efficiency; it ensures that you get the most out of your workout. Most of the exercises with this form of training will involve using your whole body. A HIIT workout will typically last for about 15- 20 minutes. Within that span of time the goal is to work as many of your muscle groups as possible. The goal is to create a well-rounded workout to burn as many calories as possible.

A stronger heart
Cardio exercises can be split into 2 different types; aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic exercises are workouts that work on endurance and anaerobic exercises focus on short term energy. Anaerobic exercises focus on pushing your heart rate to its max in a short period of time with exercises such as sprinting. This will help your heart maintain a lower heart rate during longer exercise routines. Also your resting heart rate will drop lower and allow your body to use less energy.

Increased metabolism
When you take breaks during your workout your heart rate is maintained at a higher rate than normal. When running you will probably have a constant heart rate of 120 to 130, but with HIIT you are able to bring your heart rate to at least 170 with each exercise session that you engage in. With a constant heart rate of 170 you are going to increase your metabolism for a longer period of time. This is a great way to help you stay fit and to burn more calories.

Burn fat not muscle
With HIIT you end up burning fat without having to sacrifice your muscle growth. When you have a highly intensive anaerobic workout your body will take its energy from your fat rather than eating up your muscles. Also, because it is usually a short workout, your body doesn’t resort to using your muscles for energy.

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