The Benefits of Getting Dental Implants in Summit NJ

by | Jul 24, 2014 | Dentist

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A lot of people think that if they have missing back teeth, it really doesn’t matter much. They don’t bother having anything done about it. Unfortunately, it does matter. While a back tooth may not be visible, it is an integral part of the structure of the mouth and jaw. When there are teeth missing, the facial structure can change, and not for the better. The more teeth that are missing, the worse the problem is going to be. Of course, any missing teeth, front or back, need to be repaired and replaced. At one time, the only way to do this was for patients to wear dentures, which can be ill-fitting and uncomfortable. Today, there are other procedures that can replace someone’s teeth so they look and feel like natural teeth.


When one opts for dental Implants in Summit NJ, they will be having the whole tooth replaced, root and all. One can have a single tooth replaced, or have all of their teeth replaced with implants if necessary. They look and feel like natural teeth, and are just as strong. People who have implants say that it is just like having natural teeth. They are able to bite and chew as they could when they had their original teeth, and they don’t have to worry about dentures slipping.


If someone has a missing tooth, it is going to affect the other teeth around it. Adjacent teeth will move closer together to fill in the space left behind by the missing tooth. Even if one chooses to have partial dentures, there is going to be long-term damage. With implants, there is no need to worry about this, because the adjacent teeth will not be able to move.


If one has missing front teeth, implants can be a real blessing for them. Most people who have missing front teeth lack self-confidence. They don’t like to smile, or even talk or eat in public. Getting dental Implants in Summit NJ changes all that. Because implants are custom made, they will look just like the original tooth, and no one will ever know that implants aren’t real. Contact Westfield Oral Surgery to learn more.


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