The Benefits Of Double Hung Windows

The Benefits Of Double Hung Windows

When the time comes to replace the existing windows in your home you will find that the choices and options available are far more than they were when your windows were first installed years ago. Although they have been improved dramatically over the years, double hung windows in Oak Lawn continue to be a perennial favorite of many homeowners.

  • What is a double hung window?

A double hung window has two sashes that slide up and down, one over the other. With a double hung design it is possible to open one or the other sash or both at once. Regardless of how the window is opened the maximum open space cannot be any more than half the total size of the entire window.

  • Ventilation:

Double hung windows in Oak Lawn have many advantages but perhaps the biggest is the fact that they provide excellent ventilation that can be controlled precisely by the homeowner. For maximum ventilation you can open both the top and bottom sash, cool, fresh air is drawn in through the bottom opening and hot, stale air is expelled through the top opening. If you have small children and are concerned with them crawling out an open window, you can simply open the top and leave the bottom closed.

  • Safety:

Windows that swing out can pose problems with safety; there is always a risk of walking into an open unit. As double hung windows do not project at all, they are safe from any accidental impact. This makes double hung windows perfect when they overlook a walkway, patio or deck.

Although double hung windows are now available in modern materials such as vinyl, they still have a great deal of charm. Double hung windows look just as good when installed in a traditional home as they do when they are installed in a minimalist home due to their classic good looks.

Vinyl double hung windows in Oak Lawn have many features and benefits; they look great, are energy efficient and virtually maintenance free. To learn more about vinyl double hung windows you are invited to contact Supreme Windows & Exteriors at https://supremewindowsinc.com.

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