The Benefits and Uses of Post-Tensioned Cables


There are many different advantages to using post-tensioned cables in Houston, TX instead of standard reinforced (steel) rebars. In external applications, for example, post-tensioned cables are an excellent way to reinforce or retrofit preexisting concrete buildings or structures. Concrete water tanks, masonry walls and concrete countertops are all highly useful applications of post-tensioned cables people use on a daily basis, and are all great demonstrations of such a highly versatile product.

Fewer Cracks, Less Joints, Bigger Possibilities

When used in construction, post-tensioned cables minimize or eliminate the cracking that often comes from shrinkage. In the end, that means less joints or no joints are needed. If any cracks do manage to form, then they will simply be held together tightly. Thus, structural sections and slabs can be made thinner. In doing so, these slabs can then be built upon different types of soil, as well as allowing longer designed slabs to be used in places like beams or floors.

Ensure a Smooth and Seamless Construction

There have been great technological advancements in the area of post-tension cables, especially in the last 25 years. Truly, there are infinite uses for post-tensioning, however, it is imperative to choose competent suppliers and highly trained workers. In doing so, all construction work will have a greater degree of craftsmanship and a stronger likelihood of company guarantee.

Typical Post-Tensioned Cable Applications

You can find post-tensioned cables nowadays in nearly any construction site that uses slabs. Commonly, they are used in housing construction sites, where the vast majority of homes are typically slab-on-ground buildings. Additionally, “crack-free” tennis courts utilize these cables in order to stabilize the groundwork. Furthermore, aside from the usual strengthening and reinforcement of structures, these cables are an added advantage for buildings and structures that are zoned within a high seismic region.

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