The Basic Components of a Commercial Landscape in Boulder CO

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Home and Garden

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As a property owner, you want to have the best landscape that is appealing and has the potential of increasing the value of your commercial property. Partnering with a Commercial Landscape in Boulder CO design company will help you in achieving your goals. To achieve your goals, you need to work with a reputable lawn company that employs competent landscape designers and architects. There are several components of a commercial landscape design. These include:


* Design: For great results, the landscape designer and architect should work with you so that you get the best design. At this initial stage, you should agree with the designer on some critical things like project elements and aesthetics. The landscaping contractor will help you get the necessary permits to carry out the landscaping project. The next step involves coming up with a design layout and planting plans. A professional landscape designer should help you in designing the scope of your project. The contractor should help you to choose the best materials for the whole project. Additionally, he should determine the scheduling and develop a good budget.


* Landscape lighting. You should make sure that you have a well designed landscape lighting system. This will ensure that your commercial property is visible 24/7. Lightning adds aesthetic value by creating a memorable nighttime setting for the commercial property.


* Irrigation system: A good irrigation system will help you save money in the long run. It provides convenience by supplying the appropriate amount of water to the plants. It is important to note that lawn and beds different watering conditions because of the various plant types and weather conditions.


* Drainage systems: There are some low-lying areas that experience torrential rains. A well designed drainage system is critical for a number of reasons. First, it protects your property from flooding. Secondly, it protects the foundation from cracking and developing uneven shrinkage. Lastly, a good drainage system will drain roofs and landscaped areas to avoid flooding. Accumulation of water in the lawn provides a good breeding ground for mosquitoes.


* Maintenance: Commercial Landscape Services in Boulder Colorado requires regular maintenance. This includes cutting the grass, edging and trimming hedges. It is also important to do regular fertilization.


There are several reputable companies that offer comprehensive landscaping services. You should make sure you hire the best contractors to help up come up with the best landscape design for your commercial property. Visit for more details on commercial landscaping.

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