The Amount of Time Required for Restaurant Permits in Los Angeles


Once plans have been completed for building a new restaurant or bar, or renovating an existing one, there are a number of restaurant permits in Los Angeles that are required. Those new to the restaurant industry may not know all the time and effort that is entailed in that process. Plans have to be submitted to the Fire Department, the Health Department, and the Industrial Waste Bureau. Depending on the county, approval may also be needed by zoning boards, ordinance committees, or other municipal entities. Misfiling the plans or requests, forgetting the approval of one or more agencies, or not having all permits will delay work, cost more time and money, and can also lead to penalties and fines.

Business owners are busy interviewing and hiring chefs, wait staff, bartenders, and hostesses; planning marketing for the new restaurant, trying to line up vendors and suppliers and selecting equipment and decor for the interior. That is a lot of work that has to be completed all at once. Delegating is always a possibility unless it is a small business that relies on the owner to handle all the details. Restaurant Permits in Los Angeles can be easy and convenient when the construction company includes getting permits, conditional use permits, and ensuring everything is up to codes and regulations, as part of their complete services. An experienced company, such as Orchid Construction, for example, can design, build, and renovate restaurants, bars, and other commercial establishments, as well as handle obtaining all the permits required for the project. Once the project is completed, they can provide installation and replacement services for grease traps.

The experts can design the restaurant entirely, work with architects to build to specific plans, and design and complete renovations. Free estimates and free consultations with professional restaurant designers are offered. Previous experience includes coffee shops, specialty restaurants and wine bars, sandwich shops, dinner, ice cream and yogurt shops, and franchises or multiple location businesses. Project management is included in all projects of any size, preference, and budget. In addition to restaurants, establishments in other commercial industries are also designed, built, and renovated. Many medical facilities, grocery stores and large supermarkets, resorts and hotels, professional office buildings, and retail stores have been completed over the past twenty years.

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