The Advantages of Pain Management, Seek Help in Hoffman Estates


Aches and pains seem to go hand-in-hand with daily activities. Most residents of Hoffman Estates ignore the pains they feel, especially if they’ve worked or played hard the day before. However, pain management isn’t something to be ignored. If you believe that your aches or pains are caused by something that happened, such as an injury or arthritis, you don’t have to suffer unduly. Doctors have a variety of methods for treating your pain.

Physical Therapy

After an injury (or even arthritis), you may find that, over time, your body seems to ache all the time. Sometimes, it’s because you aren’t utilizing the muscles and tendons correctly. Physical therapy helps you safely build muscle mass. This helps to ensure that you don’t overdo it, but work the muscles and build strength that will support and alleviate any pain you have.

PRP Injections

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) can be found in your blood, and the doctor can draw it out of your body. They concentrate the platelets, which provides a potent mixture of plasma and cells. It is re-injected into the body where the injury or pain is, which reduces inflammation. It can be used for a variety of injuries and arthritis.

Modify Activities

Hoffman Estates residents may not realize it, but the activities they do each day could cause the pain. Pain management isn’t just about taking medication, using injections, or getting surgery. In many cases, changing the way you do things can prevent these pains from recurring. For example, you may enjoy running, but it hurts your knee joints. Modifying by walking at a fast-pace still burns calories and helps you stay fit but is easier on the joints.

Pain management takes a variety of forms, and your doctor can help you determine the best option(s).

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