Tell Time Without Fuss with Watches in Arlington, TX

by | Jul 5, 2014 | Jewellery

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Buying quality watches can be quite the chore. Some people try to save money by buying a cheap watch. They think as long as it tells the time, it is worth the money. However, they are often misled by the low price. Cheap watches do not last long and frequently mess up. The most common problems with watches are sticking because of a lack of lubrication, extreme hot and cold temperatures, and a lack of proper maintenance. By maintaining the watch properly, one can avoid the most common problems. More expensive watches, in order to be worth the investment, must be taken care of.


When looking for high quality Watches in Arlington TX, keep the following tips in mind. The tips for buying watches varies slightly with the price. For example, the tips for the middle range of the luxury scale, for watches that cost 1,000 dollars and up, include scrutinizing the mechanical movement, ensuring it has decent levels of anti-reflective coating, looking at the bracelet’s screwed links, and looking at the finishes and cases that the various watches have.


Mechanical watches are those which must be wound up. They do not need a battery and reflect classic ways of watchmaking. The anti-reflective coating reduces the amount of glare from light sources which improves the legibility of the timepiece. Double coating is best but the watch should have at least one layer of coating to increase legibility. Screwed links are of a much higher quality and last longer than metal bracelets. When looking at the coating of mid-range luxury watches, inspect the finish and polish for evenness and peeling.


For low-end luxury Watches in Arlington TX, one will want to inspect the sapphire crystal, the construction of the watch, and its movements, which can be either Swiss or Japanese. The construction of the watch should feel solid and well put together. The prices must also be consistent for low-end watches. To begin the search for a watch in Arlington, check out Pioneer Gold and Silver Exchange. This family owned shop has been in the jewelry industry for over five decades and knows its pieces. Check out a timepiece from there today for good looking and reliable watches.



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