Talk to an Experienced Website Developer in Seattle About the Link Between Web Design and Conversions


It’s hard to overestimate the importance of marketing. Sales or lead conversions only take place after marketing has been successful in grabbing consumers’ attention. An experienced Website Developer in Seattle understands how web design affects marketing strategies and the bottom line. Professional web design is crucial component of generating leads and sales.

Here are a few reasons for the importance of web design to your marketing success.


Up to 75% of consumers judge a business’s credibility by its website design. This is extremely significant since people don’t do business with those they don’t trust. Online consumers are particularly hesitant to give out personal information or buy from anyone who doesn’t appear solid and trustworthy.

A consumer might not be able to say exactly why a website’s design was poor, but after viewing countless websites, consumers recognize quality almost instinctively. In a sense, everyone online has become a website gourmet or critic. Poor web design can subconsciously imply lack of care for the consumer and even poor products or services.


Conversions are directly impacted, for good or ill, by web design. The simple change of only one or two elements on a web page can dramatically increase the number of conversions. Your business will have an edge over competitors and become more profitable.

Today, even when the product or service is sold or performed offline, people grab their phones to check out the website before making a personal visit to the business. Your website acts like a digital business card. Your marketing campaigns and your website should be in sync for maximum marketing effectiveness. Online and offline, you should appear as trusted and authoritative in your field.


Your brand is showcased on your website. Visual presentation of the core message of your brand should be compelling and tell people what you’re all about.

Site Architecture, User Interface and Overall Usability

The visual presentation of the website is supported by the site’s architecture, how the user interacts with the website, how fast the site loads and multiple other unseen design factors. All of these influence whether or not users abandon or remain on the site, pass on referrals and convert.

Contact Ravenna Interactive or call 206-427-0000 to set up a meeting over coffee or a meal. They’ll show you how they’ve helped other clients and how they can help grow your business. Talk to an experienced Website Developer in Seattle today.

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