Taking A Dog To A Vet Hospital in Alexandria

Taking A Dog To A Vet Hospital in Alexandria

When a dog consumes something poisonous, their owner will want to take fast action in getting them to a vet hospital in Alexandria. Failing to get medical help can lead to a variety of symptoms and possibly death of the animal. Here are some steps a pet owner can take after they discover their canine had eaten a poisonous substance.

Call A Veterinarian Immediately

It is important to alert a veterinarian of the situation so they are aware the dog will be brought to their medical facility to be evaluated. This way they can prepare for the arrival so no time is wasted in getting the dog help. A veterinarian will also be able to give the dog’s owner directions regarding whether to induce vomiting in the animal or to allow it to rest comfortably while being transported to be seen.

Bring The Poison Along

The poisonous substance along with any packaging should be brought to the hospital so it can be checked at the time the dog is brought in. This will let the veterinarian know exactly what was ingested as well as an approximation in the amount. The poisonous substance should be placed in the trunk of the vehicle so the dog does not have access to it again while being transported.

Help The Dog To Remain Calm

Bringing along a trusted friend or loved one to accompany the pet while on the way to the hospital is a good idea. This way there are no distractions to the driver as the partner can tend to the dog’s needs. The dog can be placed on a blanket so it is comfortable while riding in the vehicle. The person tending to the dog can pet it and talk to it softly to help it remain calm during the ride.

If someone needs to bring their poisoned dog to a Vet Hospital in Alexandria, they will want to find a facility that handles this type of situation. Browse us to find out more about the services offered and to make an appointment for a check up to alleviate poisoning symptoms if necessary.

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