Swimming Pool Repair to Resolve Cloudy Water Issues


Having a swimming pool at your home in Phoenix, AZ, is almost a requirement – it gives you and your family a way to beat the often tremendous summer heat, as well as a place to go to simply relax and unwind. However, pool ownership is not always without issues. If you’re experiencing cloudy water, you could need pool repair, and it’s important to know the steps to take.

Work with a Trusted Pro

First, it’s actually the best option to work with a trusted pool repair and service company – the experts can quickly identify the underlying problem, and provide a solution that clears up your pool water in no time. However, if you decide to go it alone, here are a few things you can try to resolve your cloudy water issues.

Pool Flocculants

If your cloudy water is caused by particles in the water, a pool flocculant will help to settle everything out. Essentially, this is a chemical agent that you add to the water, which then causes particulates to clump together and then sink to the bottom. Of course, this causes additional problems. For instance, you’ve now got a cloud of particles floating at or near the bottom of your pool, and your filter inlet is at the top of the water. You cannot get into the pool yet – you’ll need to manually vacuum the pool bottom to remove the particulates first.

Minerals and Metals

If you’re using untreated water to top off your pool, particularly well water, the chances are good that it will cloud up quickly. This is because the water is likely rich in minerals and/or metals. Some of the most common elements that cause the need for pool repair and water treatment include iron and copper, but there are many others. To correct this issue, you’ll need to use a multistep process. The first is to make sure that you’re filtering the water used to top off the pool. Second, use a stain and scale remover. This will sequester metals so that your filter can remove them, and it will also break down the scale.


One of the most effective pool repair methods for dealing with cloudy water is to use a pool clarifier. This is a chemical added to the pool water once per week that clumps particulates together and makes them rise to the surface, where they can be removed by your filter system. However, this does take time, so it’s not the best option if you’re in a hurry.

Ultimately, working with a professional pool repair company will ensure that you have access to the right treatment option for your cloudy water issues.

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