Summer is Coming: Beach Essentials to Check Out


Even if the winter chill has you huddled up indoors, you can find relief in the fact that summer will be here soon enough! One part of summer you might find yourself anticipating the most are long days spent lounging at the beach, soaking up the sun and swimming through the cool, relaxing waves. While you’re sure to have your basic beach gear on hand—like sunglasses, sunscreen, chairs, and towels—here are some other, slightly uncommon essentials you should consider taking along.

A Pop-Up Tent
You might be used to your trusty beach umbrella, but once you’re introduced to pop up canopy tents, you might never go back! Casual, convenient, and easy to assemble and take down, a pop up tent is perfect shelter for a day at the beach. Plus, a canopy tent can be more aesthetically pleasing and might offer more shelter than an umbrella.

A Locking Beach Bag
At the beach with friends or family, and don’t want to have to go swimming in shifts while somebody stays behind to watch your stuff? Believe it or not, locking bags and cases for use on the beach are available. Stylish and durable, they’re typically made from a hard material and lock with a built-in combination dial.

Something to Beat the Sand
Dealing with sand can be quite uncomfortable and inconvenient, especially if you’ve got to get back into your car with sandy feet and shoes. Pack some wet washcloths in a plastic bag to use for wiping away stubborn sand once you get off the beach.

Waterproof Playing Cards
Yes, they do exist! Waterproof playing cards are just one example of adaptable games and gear you can find for worry-free fun at the beach. Not only will water damage be a non-issue, but you’ll find it rather easy to clean off these plastic cards if they become covered in sticky sand.

Waterproof Speakers
If you want to listen to your favorite tunes while you relax out in the water with friends, look into a floating, waterproof set of speakers. Just be sure to keep to a less-populated area of the water and mind other swimmers; make sure that you’re not disturbing anyone else with your music, and keep the volume low.

No matter what your favorite beach activity is, you might be surprised at the ever-growing range of products out there designed specifically with summer beach use in mind. Shop around—it’s never too early to start gearing up for summer!

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