Strategies For Lowing The Cost Of Hiring Moving Companies In Nashville

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Moving Companies

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It would be nice to be able to move having an unlimited budget, but that is not the reality for a great many people. Often when the move is to find work or perhaps to go back to school or to simply move closer to home, staying on a relatively tight budget can make hiring Nashville moving companies seem like a luxury you can’t afford.

There are some simple ways anyone can help to reduce the cost of hiring moving companies, no matter how far you may travel. Since weight is the biggest factor in cost, finding ways to cut down on the size of your household contents is often the biggest factor and also the easiest option to consider.

Sell Here, Buy There

With big items that are heavy such as dressers, couches, freezers, book collections and the like, selling the old items here and simply buying new at your destination city or area is sometimes a very big cost saving feature.

Since moving companies don’t have to load your heavy items on the truck, the weight can be cut significantly, along with the total cost of the move. In addition, you may find that with the money you get from the sale, and the savings from the moving companies, you make be able to upgrade and have the furniture and appliances you have always wanted.

Move in the Fall, Winter and Early Spring

Moving companies, like all services, have times when they are busy and times when things are quiet. The busy moving period is the summer months, so moving either before or after the summer can result in lower prices.

Additionally, many movers offer discounts or incentives to move in these off-peak seasons. It never hurts to ask the moving company about their rates for the summer and the off-peak times, and then compare to see if waiting or moving earlier is a cost effective option.


Another option to consider, particularly if you have a job waiting for you is to lighten the load as much as possible by using the moving companies storage facilities. For a small monthly rate you can store your large household items, and then ship them later when you don’t have financial pressure.

When you choose the storage from your Nashville moving companies, you know your possessions will be housed in a facility that is safe, secure and protected until you need them.

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