Steps Taken By A Bondsman Midwest City In Oklahoma


In Oklahoma, criminal defendants have access to bonding agencies to schedule their release. These agencies work with county jails and the court to make these arrangements. A local bondsman Midwest City in Oklahoma could provide these services after they acquire information about the defendant.

Attending the Arraignment

A bonding agent can attend the arraignment to acquire a bail value for the defendant. This value helps them determine what value is required for the bail bond. Once this value is identified, the defendant or a party representing them may secure the bail bond. The Bondsman may visit the defendant in county lockup to make arrangements to secure the bail. If a party is representing the defendant in these endeavors, they should visit the bonding agency directly.

Calculating the Cost of the Bail Bond

The cot of the bail bond is up to fourteen percent of the total bail value. The defendant or their representative must provide this value via cash, check, or credit. They may also provide collateral to secure the bail bond. The type of collateral that is acceptable for these requirements are residential properties, automobiles, jewelry, and bank accounts. The bonding agent acquires the title for the property or the banking information from the representative or defendant.

Contacting the Jail and Arranging Release

The defendant can contact the bonding agent through telephone privileges provided by the county jail. The bonding agent may visit the defendant as allowed by the correctional officers. This includes making arrangements for bail. The bonding agent visits the court to provide the bail bond. They acquire the release documents from an officer of the court. The bonding agent brings these documents to the county jail to acquire the release of the defendant. The defendant is released in their custody in most cases.

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants may be eligible to acquire a bail bond to secure their release from jail. However, the judge must assign a bail value and allow the defendant to post bail. These decisions are based on the type of offense in which they are charged. Defendants who need to hire a Bondsman Midwest City in Oklahoma should contact their preferred agency today.

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