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by | Feb 14, 2018 | Lawyers

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Statistically, the chances of being granted Social Security disability insurance benefits in Charlotte, NC based on your initial application are not good. Based on studies, about 70 percent of all applications for SSDI are denied. If your claim is denied, you have 60 days in which to appeal. There is no requirement that states you have to hire a Social Security disability attorney to help with your appeal, though. However, statistics show that a claimant that is represented by an experienced attorney is twice as likely to be approved when the appeal reaches the hearing stage.

There are several levels of appeal, the first of which is a request for reconsideration. As nothing has changed, the decision to deny benefits is rarely overturned. The next stage is a hearing; you will be called to appear before an administrative law judge. During your hearing, the judge will consider your testimony, supporting medical evidence, and input from a vocational expert. Your attorney will gather your medical records and prepare you for the upcoming hearing.

Doctor’s opinions are important:

Your Social Security disability attorney will contact your Charlotte, NC doctors and obtain copies of your latest physical or psychological tests. In addition to current test results, your attorney will get your doctor’s opinion about your future; can you work, will you be able to do the same work, and when, if ever, can you return to work?

Getting ready for the hearing:

It is reasonable for you to be apprehensive about the hearing. As your attorney will have taken many clients through this phase, he or she knows what to expect. Before your hearing date, your attorney will have prepared several questions that the judge typically asks. He or she then helps you formulate honest and direct answers. The key to a successful outcome is preparation. Knowing in advance what to expect will settle your nerves and make it less likely that you may say something that will jeopardize your chances of being approved.

If you are looking for a Social Security disability attorney, contact Hunter & Everage in Charlotte, NC at and request a free case review.

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