Silicone Foam Products Offer Many Options

Silicone Foam Products Offer Many Options

Silicone foam is one of the most versatile materials for seals and gaskets. In fact, when you use products like BISCO silicones you have a wide range of options. Let’s take a look at some of the many choices you have today, for materials.

Bun Silicone

Strong and durable bun silicone products can be used in many types of industrial and commercial applications. The cellular material is cast into blocks or sheets, and the blocks can be as thick as eight inches. This material can seal and cushion, and it has excellent resistance to fire and smoke. It can also be used in many outdoor applications because it’s not affected by water and exposure to ultraviolet light.


BISCO cellular silicone comes in five different softness selections from firm foam all the way to ultra soft. If you are looking for something with the sealing capacity of sponge rubber, cellular silicone can handle the job, and it is lighter than standard sponge rubber products. Cellular silicone is commonly used in the transportation, communications, and electrical industries. An industrial grade product is also available. These products can be used for:

* Sealing

* Cushioning

* Vibration protection

* Insulation

* Isolation

Solid Silicon Products

When you need applications that need to seal in high temperatures and can take a lot of pressure, solid silicone is the perfect solution. You can choose these products in many thicknesses, and for extra strength and tear resistance, you can go with fiberglass reinforced solid silicone.

Specialty Silicone

When you choose materials like Rogers BISCO, you can have specialty silicone designed for specific applications. For example, some products are designed to conduct electricity and others are specially made for fire blocking or sound barriers. All the products are highly resistant to fires and temperature extremes. You are sure to find the perfect product for your company’s needs.

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