Signs You are Ready to Get a Pickup Truck


There are a number of reasons that you might not want to go with a full-sized pickup truck. Their gas mileage is not very good, they are a little awkward to park, and maintenance on larger vehicles is generally more expensive. That being said, there is a versatility and usability where a truck is going to be the best solution for you.

You Turn Down Activities

If you find yourself having to turn down activities, then it may be time to get a truck. You can do a lot more outdoor activities with a truck than you can even in an SUV. The ability to tow is going to be better in a truck. If you are thinking about a camping trailer, a boat, or anything else that gets towed around, having the higher tow rating is great. With a truck, you get a wider range of trailer types that you can tow. A pickup is going to be able to tow anything with a gooseneck, 5th-wheel, or bumper hitch. Other vehicles are limited strictly to bumper hitches, which limits the functionality. In addition to towing, a truck is better suited for hauling things. The bed of a truck can be used to bring all kinds of toys out to the bush including  ATV’s, dirt bikes, and buggies, if you are into the off road hobbies.

Renting or Borrowing Trucks

Another key sign that you need to go to a Chevy truck dealer in Chicago, is if you find yourself renting or borrowing trucks regularly. It is easy to see why your friends may get tired of lending you their truck every other weekend. It is also more convenient to just have access to your own truck, right when you need it. Renting trucks can become very expensive, very quickly. It can actually be less expensive to purchase a truck than to continue renting one frequently. With a lifestyle that involves borrowing or renting regularly, you can be sure that you will not be letting your new truck go to waste.

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