Signs of Problems With Your Water Heater in Allentown

Signs of Problems With Your Water Heater in Allentown

The water heater in a home is one of the most overlooked appliances because it is often hidden away in a closet or basement. Most people do not even think of their water heater until problems begin to arise. No one wants to be in the middle of a shower and have their hot water go out so it is important they know the warning signs to look for so they will know when they need to call a plumber to provide them with repairs for their Water Heater in Allentown.

These signs should never be ignored:

  • Leaks are common when a hot water heater is aging. As the metal lining begins to break down, corrosion can occur and cause openings. When leaks are occurring, this means it is time for repairs and the consideration of a replacement.

  • When the supply of hot water is not enough for the home, it may be time to consider purchasing a larger unit or seeking repairs. If the heating elements are going bad, the heater will not be able to heat the water correctly.

  • If a homeowner sees any sparks coming from their tank, they need to make sure they seek repairs right away. This is not an issue that can be repaired through a DIY approach or a homeowner could be badly injured.

  • When a heater begins making banging and clanging sounds, this means there is an issue with corrosion. In some cases, a plumber may need to replace the water heater, depending on the degree of damage present.

  • Water coming from the hot side of the faucet should be clear. When it becomes cloudy, rusty colored, or has a smell, this could be caused by the hot water heater. Should the water have a metallic odor or taste, this signifies corrosion is occurring inside the tank.

If your home’s hot water heater is no longer performing like it once did or you notice these signs of problems, it may be time for a new Water Heater in Allentown. Those in need of water heater repair can learn more about the services when they Visit the Website.

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