Signs it’s Time to Call for Roof Repair in Gig Harbor


The roof is the most protective element on a home. If it is damaged or compromised, serious issues may arise. The good news is, a person doesn’t have to guess if Roof Repair in Gig Harbor is needed. There are some tell-tale signs that will let them know if the roof needs service. Learn more here.

Shingles that Have Become Cracked or Curled

If the shingles on a roof are damaged -; i.e. cracked and curled -; then this means that they are close to the end of their useful life. Another indication of a problem is if there are areas where the shingles are completely missing. While a few issues can be fixed easily, if there are large problem areas, then it is best to call the professionals to provide Roof Repair in Gig Harbor.

Shingles that Appear Dirty, Dark or Wet

Shingles are supposed to repel moisture. That’s their job. If they aren’t doing this job, then the moisture may become trapped. This can create all sorts of problems for a home’s roof. Keep in mind, because water naturally moves downhill, the wetness may not be under the damaged shingle.

Granules of Shingles in the Gutters

If a home has asphalt or composite shingles on the roof, then they may begin to shed the granules when they become worn out. In most cases, these “lost” granules will wind up in the gutters. Not sure what to look for? Most shingle granules look like coarse, black sand. If a homeowner sees this, they need to call for repairs right away.

Wear Around Openings and Objects

Pipes, chimneys, vents and all other objects that penetrate through the roof are areas where issues related to deterioration may occur eventually. In some cases, the fixes can be confined to just these areas.

When it comes to roofing problems, there are quite a few that may occur requiring repair or replacement. Being informed and knowing the signs of a problem is the best way to ensure the right fix is provided. More information about roofing issues and when repairs are needed can be found by contacting the professionals.

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