Signs it is Time for Septic System Repair in Tacoma


When it comes to any septic system, seeking repair in a timely manner for an issue is essential. However, for those who don’t know what to look for, this can create a serious problem. In fact, an overflowing septic tank is not only frustrating, it can be downright unsanitary. Some of the most common reasons that Septic System Repair in Tacoma is needed can be found here.

Foreign Objects

One of the most common causes of a blocked sewer drain that will require Septic System Repair in Tacoma is the presence of foreign objects. The sewer system in a home is only designed to take in water and toilet tissue, which means that any other objects put in the toilet and flushed can cause major problems. Diapers and paper towels are some of the most common culprits that can clog the drains in a home. The only way to remove these foreign objects is by having a professional clean and flush the sewer lines. The longer these foreign objects are left unattended, the more damage they will cause.

Improper Garbage Disposal Use

Another common cause of clogged sewer drains has to do with the way that some people use their garbage disposal. The only thing that should ever go down a garbage disposal is small pieces of food because anything larger will cause clogging. Many people also have a tendency to pour their used grease down the garbage disposal as well, which will cause many problems over time. As the grease begins to harden, it will cause blockages in sewer lines. If homeowners avoid putting grease and other larger items down their drains, they will avoid costly sewer repairs in the future.

The Root of the Problem

Yet another very common cause of a clog in the sewer lines or septic system is a root growing up through the tank or pipes. Usually, this problem is the result of a poor installation of the system and, in order to have it fixed, it will have to be replaced.

Taking the time to properly use and care for a septic system will ensure that serious issues do not occur. This is important regardless of the age or location of a home. Keep the information here in mind to ensure issues do not arise with a septic system.

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