Should You Hire a Personal Bodyguard?

Should You Hire a Personal Bodyguard?

You may think that only celebrities and other famous people out there need personal bodyguard services in New York, but this isn’t entirely accurate. This type of security is now more affordable than ever and more accessible in terms of availability. There are many different situations and positions that might lead to increased attention which warrants the use of a personal bodyguard. We wanted to offer an idea of who some of the people are who may want to consider this type of service.

Executives & CEOs

It’s not too surprising that CEOs and executives may end up in situations where their personal safety is under threat. Some of these companies may be in control of millions or even billions of dollars, which means an increased number of safety risks. A bodyguard can be a great option to protect a top-tier executive from corporate crimes, kidnapping, or even disgruntled employees.

Wealthy Individuals

Many people who are wealthy choose to seek out personal bodyguard services in New York. With more money comes a higher level of stress over would-be thieves and kidnappers. Many thieves are on the lookout for wealthy people or residences that seem expensive. In addition, if you are a public figure, you may have people who dislike you and wish to harm you. Security can help provide protection to you and your family.

Money Handlers

People who find themselves handling large amounts of money or valuable often hire bodyguards as protection against anyone who may wish to take what they are transporting. An experienced bodyguard will constantly be watching your surroundings and looking for suspicious behavior to prevent your possessions from being stolen.

Targets of Attention

People who win the lottery or witness a major crime often end up garnering a large amount of attention that is foreign to them. This is another situation where a bodyguard can help. Being in the public eye can bring more security threats but a bodyguard knows what to watch for and can keep you safe as you navigate this unique situation.


Individuals who have recently divorced or left an abusive relationship may feel more comfortable after hiring personal security members. In these situations, it’s not uncommon for violence to occur. A bodyguard can oversee any situations involving your ex to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Giss International provides high-quality private security guards who are skilled and experienced in personal protection. If you believe you might need a bodyguard, you can learn more about us at www.GissInternational.com.

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