Should You Choose Teeth Whitening in Ahwatukee AZ?


If you have ever been concerned about the color of your teeth, you may have tried at-home whitening treatments. These treatments are not only ineffective, but can also cause major problems with the health of your smile. The whitening pastes people use often contain silica, which is a sand-like ingredient. Silica can cause permanent scratches in the enamel of your teeth, causing damage. Not only does this damage affect the health of your teeth, but it also can cause sensitivity that can be permanent. When your teeth are sensitive, this can make it difficult to eat or drink without pain. Instead of trying to whiten your teeth on your own, you need to seek Teeth Whitening in Ahwatukee AZ through your dentist. This will ensure your teeth are whitened safely, so you can have a beautiful smile.


Teeth whitening is available in two different forms. Both of these types of treatment are carried out in much the same way, but they have different ingredients and offer different results. If you have mild staining and simply want the stains removed, traditional whitening treatments are perfect. They can remove your stains and take your teeth back to their natural white level. The dentist uses a whitening solution with a hydrogen peroxide base. This whitener does not damage your teeth, but gives you the beautiful white teeth you have longed for.


If you have severe staining issues or want brighter and whiter teeth, you may want to have your teeth bleached. Through this treatment, the dentist uses a whitening solution with a base of carbamide peroxide. It is much stronger than hydrogen and allows your teeth to be bleached beyond their natural shade. This can be very effective in removing severe stains, even if you end up needing more than one treatment, to achieve the results you want.


If you are interested in Teeth Whitening in Ahwatukee AZ, you can check here for more information. Visit Cosmeticdentistahwatukee.com and learn about the whitening treatments they can offer you, so you can make an informed decision on the treatment of your teeth. They will be happy to help you achieve a beautiful smile.




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