Seven Advantages Of Pressure-Sensitive Labels

by | Aug 1, 2017 | Packaging

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Labels are an integral and accepted part of our consumer-driven marketplace. Whether they are pharmaceutical companies or producers of food and beverages, companies are always searching for the best way to label their products. One of the more recent methods leaves the adhesives behind. Pressure sensitive labels are increasingly popular for many reasons.

Defining the Pressure Sensitive Label

A pressure sensitive label consists of approximately five separate coatings. Three are positioned between a tough top and an adhesive bottom layer. The material employed may be paper, foil or film. Like other types of labels, they feature an image, text or logo relating to the specific product and/or its manufacturer. The products – labeled in regular or specialty ink, may be edible or not. The labels may find application for food and beverage products, pharmaceuticals and health and beauty items.

Why Choose Pressure Sensitive Labels?

Packaging companies offer various reasons for why producers and manufacturers should rely on this method to label their products. The reasons address a variety of concerns by individual consumers, government agencies, packaging companies, and manufacturers. The most common ones cited are:

* Versatility: These labels are suitable for many different products in assorted containers and come in diverse shapes, sizes, colors and combinations

* Surface Compatibility: The labels require no adhesive and will neither pucker or wrinkle upon correct application to the surface of any type – flat or contoured, rigid packaging

* Easy Application: The entire process is performed in one step

* Speedy Application: This type of label rates as one of the fastest

* Appearance: It does not look like a label but still clearly provides all the necessary information

* Cost-Effectiveness: Relatively inexpensive to install, the efficiency and time-saving aspects result in cost-efficiency

* Compliance: Pressure-sensitive labels are able to meet the stringent specifications of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA)

With no set-up time or glue preparation required, manufacturers consider pressure sensitive labels an efficient and cost-effective labeling solution.

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