Settling A Property Dispute With A Real Estate Lawyer In Brooklyn, NY


New York real estate laws outline the steps used in a property closing and to settle disputes. During the property closing, a real estate attorney conducts a title search to review each instance in which there was a transfer in ownership. This determines whether or not the current seller has the legal right to offer the property to buyers. They also conduct an assessment of all closing documents to protect the interests of the buyer and seller. If you need to settle a dispute or are attending a closing contact a Real Estate Lawyer in Brooklyn NY at The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel today.

Property Disputes and Issues
A common problem faced by homeowners is a lack of clear definition in terms of property lines. This often results in disputes in which neighboring homeowners want to utilize altering methods to resolve a problem. For instance, a tree is on one side of the property line, yet its branches are hanging over the neighbor’s fence or patio. In this instance, the neighbor may want to remove the branches, and the other party refuses because they do not want to cut their tree.

A real estate attorney can help these individuals by having the property surveyed. This presents them with clear property lines. A judge presiding over such a case helps these parties come into an agreement that is beneficial for them both.

Disputing Legal Ownership
Validation of ownership could require concepts used in real estate and probate law. For instance, if the new owner was awarded the property through a will, another family member could challenge this decision based on documents that could imply otherwise. For example, if the opposing party provided care for the loved one and was given a power of attorney to use the property, however, they chose.

An assessment of legal documentation could determine whether or not they protect the interests of all parties included. This is beneficial in a property closing. It prevents the mortgage lender from including predatory terms into the loan contract. Additionally, an assessment could end a dispute in other instances regarding concepts connected to real property. If you need to settle a disagreement, you should hire a Real Estate Lawyer in Brooklyn NY today. You can also watch videos on Youtube.

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