Services Offered by Cosmetic Dentists in Cheshire – Trends and Treatments

by | Sep 5, 2014 | Dentist

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Nowadays, it’s possible for anyone to have a Hollywood-worthy smile, what with so many trends and treatments available from cosmetic dentists in Cheshire and beyond. According to the British Dental Health Foundation, teeth are essential for giving your face its unique shape, helping you talk and pronounce certain words, and for eating! Neglecting your teeth could affect their condition but thanks to cosmetic dentistry, millions of people around the United Kingdom are enhancing their smile with the following services.

Composite Bonding

Have your teeth decayed, broken or chipped? If so, get them repaired with composite bonding from cosmetic dentists in Cheshire. A popular treatment used to enhance the appearance of teeth, the process involves applying a dental composite material onto the tooth surface or inside the cavity. Once applied, the dentist will use special tools to mould the material into shape, so that it looks as natural as possible. Before you are allowed to leave the dental practice, a high-intensity light will be used to harden the composite bonding, which will blend in with the rest of your teeth flawlessly.

Inlays and Onlays

If you have ever heard about indirect fillings, you will know about the benefits of inlays and onlays. These dental services are otherwise known as indirect fillings, and offer a long-lasting cosmetic option for structural tooth damage. When normal fillings are fitted, the dentist will mould them when you visit the practice. However, inlays and onlays will be made inside a dental laboratory. Once they have been created, the dentist will fit them and secure them with a type of adhesive. These tooth-coloured resin fillings are strong, affordable and could prevent the onset of gum disease and other oral issues.

Teeth Whitening

One of the most recommended cosmetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening. It’s not uncommon for teeth to become stained as a result of excessive coffee and wine drinking, smoking and poor oral hygiene. Cosmetic dentists in Cheshire will carefully bleach the teeth while protecting the gums, so that you can get a gleaming smile. The enamel is the only thing that is bleached during the process of teeth whitening and to prepare, dental cavities must be treated before the bleach is applied. If you have had root-canal treatment the professional will probably recommend non-vital whitening.

Whether you need to book an emergency appointment or arrange a consultation with cosmetic dentists in Cheshire, Westgate Dental Practice can help.

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