SEO Mistakes to Avoid


Do you see your SEO investments slowly going down the drain? Or that they’re not producing the desired results and you’re thinking of switching to a different company? Do you plan to look for a CT Search Engine Optimization Company any time soon?

There is a high probability the problem isn’t with your business or the content but the various SEO tools used inefficiently which results in a failure to get the desired results after an ample time has passed. LionLeaf.com specializes in providing a detailed view of the SEO requirements of a client’s company which helps prevent the mistakes made with search engine optimization commonly. Here is what might be going wrong:

1- Optimizing for the wrong keywords: Many make the mistake of falling prey to the deceiving tactic of using the global keyword. That doesn’t go with every business and since it is essential to know what works for which industry, it is important to invest in a good SEO system which doesn’t use the generic keywords. This is because those keywords will bring about people to the website who won’t be the genuine customers or interested in the business offering.

2- Using very common and mundane titles: If anything, this mistake should be eradicated completely if you want your business website to gain any momentum at all. This is because the generic titles and Meta description fail to grab the attention let along generate sufficient traffic to the business to the business. The SEO team has to pool effort in the content as well as the meta details of it. Making this mistake lands the website nowhere on the top rankings of the search engine. At Lionleaf.com, creativity in every aspect including titles, etc. is essential.

3- Absence of anchor text: Anchor text plays a vital role in generating traffic to the website as it connects the content with the website’s links. However, another mistake made here is the use of generic links such as ‘Click here’, etc. which isn’t as catchy as giving a glimpse of what’s to be expected of the link.

LionLeaf.com is an CT Search Engine Optimization company with professionally trained and skilled SEO specialists that ensure the mistakes are avoided at any cost and that the client’s website stands out in terms of quality content which ranks high on search engine rankings.

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