Send Money To India From Singapore

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Finance

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For Indians living abroad, handling financial matters back home is a very important issue. Whether you have to meet a bill payment, pay tuition fees or want to send money to your family in India; money transfer is one of the most essential services for non-resident Indians.

With many options available, it is imperative to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of various modes and conditions of money transfer before choosing the right service. Every Indian living abroad looking to send money to their loved ones back home essentially looks for money transfer charges and exchange rates, transfer time and security of money. Numerous Indians residing in the Singapore regard the platform of online money transfer as the best way to transfer money to India from Singapore.

Online money transfer allows people to send money from the comfort of home, without the need of visiting any bank. Nevertheless it is important to check the exchange rates, fees levied, transfer time and reputation of the online service, before deciding which service to opt for. Usually services claim to be free but they have some service charges in India and service tax is applied to transfers. Also, it is useful to check if the service provider has dedicated toll free customer service support either by phone or email.

When RemitGuru comes into picture the scenario is totally secure it’s the finest online money transfer service provider. Our objective is to transfer money to their Indian beneficiaries as fast as possible. RemitGuru provides that along with safety and security.

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