Selecting Mining Equipment Tires in St. George UT


Tires for heavy equipment and off-road machinery have to be the right size and have to be placed on by experienced professionals. Anything less can effect safety, the handling of the equipment, and overall job performance. Selecting the right mining equipment tires in St. George UT can save a company time and money. Commercial tire manufacturers available include Dunlop Tires, Maxam, Continental, Good Year, and Kelly Tires, among others. Not all suppliers can provide a wide selection of tires from which to choose, so find an experienced dealer with several options.

Safety procedures on the job location are also important. A company without proper installation equipment or one that does not place an emphasis on safe practices can be a liability for the mining company. It could also cost time on site. Reliable services are essential when selecting a company to replace and supply Mining Equipment Tires in St. George UT.  An online credit application is also available for customer convenience. Services are available for commercial fleets in several industries in addition to mining. Farming, construction, and trucking fleets can also get tires and services.

Off road tire (OTR) services, retreading, tire repair and tire maintenance are offered to keep fleets operating at maximum capacity. Being proactive can save a company time and money on the largest expense of maintaining heavy equipment, trucks, and machinery. Used tires are also available when new ones are not in the company budget. That is helpful to businesses that are seasonal or have temporary lulls during the year. Company vehicle and personal vehicle, tires, wheels, and full alignment services are also available. Tires and services to handle the needs for all company vehicles make things quicker and easier for businesses. Emergency services are also available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Mining, harvesting, hauling and building does not take time off for evenings and weekends. Knowing a supplier will take care of tire problems at any time eliminates stress for business owners. They do not have to worry about missing deadlines, deliveries, or failing to meet customer demands.

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