Scolismart Treatment in Grand Blanc, MI Provides Scoliosis Relief

by | Nov 25, 2016 | Health

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Scoliosis is a disorder that is depicted by a sideways curvature in the backbone or spine. This curve is frequently c-shaped or s-shaped. No known causes have been determined for why the curve actually appears. Technically, the disorder is known as idiopathic scoliosis.

Who is Affected by the Condition?

Scoliosis can affect people of any age. The most common type of idiopathic scoliosis affects children from the age of 10 up to their early teens. Girls tend to suffer from the condition more often than boys.

Structural and Nonstructural Scoliosis

Scoliosis can either be nonstructural, which means the curve is temporary, or structural, which means the spine exhibits a fixed, permanent curve. Structural scoliosis results from an infection, injury, disease, or a birth defect.

A Well-Received Treatment Plan

Therefore, the Blanc Scolismart treatment is being well received by various patients. A Scolismart treatment in Grand Blanc, MI is based on the patient’s age, the pattern and degree of the curve, the specific kind of scoliosis, as well as a doctor’s diagnosis and his or her recommendations. In most cases, patients with scoliosis want to have better posture and they hope to normalize their quality of life.

Modalities Used for Treatment

With respect to Scolismart treatment, the therapy is based on the spinal sagittal profile, as well as certain activities, such as ballet, gymnastics, or football. Different modalities for scoliosis treatments are also commonly used, including vibration therapy, TLSO bracing, kinesiotaping, inversion therapy, and rotary torso exercises. Therefore, the specific treatment plan is always customized to a patient’s specific needs.

Getting Check-ups is Important

Because scoliosis is a lifelong condition, practitioners who utilize Scolismart treatment suggest that a patient should follow up annually after the therapy has ended. This way, a patient’s progress can be tracked. Current research demonstrates that an adult with scoliosis tends to get worse by about one degree each year. By performing yearly checkups, rapid progression of the condition can be halted, especially if it’s only due to a lack of exercise or an interim injury.

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